Where can SMF help you reduce technology purchase costs?


SMF has crafted a methodology, purchase review process and negotiation practice that enables our clients to receive the best possible price for software/technology purchases AND maintain a positive ongoing relationship with your vendors. We have experts that cover most industries including Insurance, Higher Ed, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution & Healthcare. But it doesn’t stop with software. In many of these industries the services costs 5x the license costs. Let our V.I. help you ensure budgets are inline with similar implementations from other companies.


Software is either the first or second largest category of IT spend. Of that total spend, MAINTENANCE and support are fifty to sixty percent of dollars spent annually. During the life cycle of enterprise applications, which average twelve to fifteen years, customers pay for the software four to five times over again without any tangible ROI. Let our experts work with you by performing a maintenance audit and reducing those ongoing costs by 10-20%.


Software Compliance Audits are becoming more frequent for a host of reasons. The bottom line is vendors are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to revenue. The result is that many organizations are often faced with unplanned expenditures that may reach seven figures to resolve. Customers are generally not prepared for the wily arguments on which vendors base their demands. SMF has the experience, track record and knowledge of how address all issues associated with compliance. We are so confident of a successful outcome that SMF is only paid a percentage of your savings.

We work WITH existing PROCUREMENT teams to enhance their objectives and ensure FMV pricing or better, by providing comparative pricing on similar, recent deals. This arms them with valuable information they wouldn't have otherwise, we call it "Vendor Intelligence"

You Don't Pay Us Until After We Save You

SMF Advisors is a privately held company, specializing in applying Vendor Intelligence (VI) to the acquisition of technology and telecommunications products and services. SMF has crafted a methodology, purchase review process and negotiation practice that enables our clients to receive the best possible price for technology purchases AND maintain a positive ongoing relationship with your vendors.

  • Percentage of transactions where we significantly reduce cost

  • Our average amount saved per technology aquisition

  • Using our proprietary database of similar, recent transactions we save an average of 40% on software transactions



Higher Ed is always under pressure to deliver on cost-sensitive budgets… and vendors just don’t “get it”. Whether Admissions, Student Information Systems, MDM, Analytics, or just moving things to the Cloud, let SMF help you lower your costs dramatically.


SMF handles all Core Insurance solutions for both the P&C and L&H sides of the industry. We have deep insight into all systems including Policy Admin, Billing, Claims, Portal, BI, Finance, Compliance and the Services to implement these and other solutions. Allow our experts work with your existing procurement teams to drive significant savings. We understand this industry, the vendors and their margins based on dozens of large purchases we track each year.


Significant opportunities and challenges face Public Sector entities. Many states and municipalities are leveraging cloud technologies to meet emerging citizen requests and expectations. Given the investment in legacy applications and data centers, Cities, Counties and States are faced with the financial as well as technical implications of such a migration. We are experts with regard to maintenance, renewals, term licensing and compliance audits. Our knowledge of licensing procedures and costs enable SMF to ensure our clients are not overpaying for an technologies.


Healthcare costs are rising. Providers are investing large portions of their IT spend in technologies like EHR/EMR, newer HIS systems to replace older legacy systems, MDM (Master Data Management), and HIPAA compliant solutions such as Encryption (including secure group messaging and other tools), Access Control and Authentication to protect PHI.

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