SUCCESS STORY: Government Saves $230,000 on Maintenance Renewal Using Vendor Intelligence

SMF Advisors, a leading provider of Vendor Intelligence and pricing data for the Public Sector, announced today saved the Department of Human Services in a midwestern state saved over $230,000 using SMF’s unique Vendor Intelligence service to renegotiate enterprise renewal terms.

“SMF is an expert in dealing with such scenarios in the public sector, and with a wide range of vendors,” said Mark Mahoney, Director of Client Services.  “SMF’s value proposition is simple:  Track IT costs across a variety of verticals and a wide range of vendors in order to provide comparative pricing data that will give our clients leverage during negotiations.  This is leverage that procurement teams cannot typically provide due to the lack of regularity in acquiring such systems.”

Local governments are being scrutinized by citizens watch groups regarding the high cost of IT solutions.  Vendors continue to charge high renewal and maintenance costs that lock governments into increasing prices, while providing little value in terms of new functionality and support.

About  SMF

SMF is a leading provider of vendor intelligence to the insurance, public sector, supply-chain, healthcare and higher-education industries.  Vendor intelligence is the data and methodology used by SMF to help companies insure they do not overspend on technology purchases by using actionable intelligence from dozens of similar, recent purchases.  For more information please visit: