Higher Education: Challenges in Technology & the Purchasing Process

Higher Education institutions are challenged to address a multitude of IT issues and subsequently purchase new technology to address these issues. Top on the list: Information security, student life cycle and success technologies, IT workforce, funding model’s business intelligence and analytics, enterprise application integration, along with e-learning and online education.

Given the risk associated with all these technologies, institutions leverage the insight from advisory firms such as Gartner and Forester to help direct the best product or service decision. Once a vendor is selected, the procurement process and price negotiation begins. The most common complaint of Higher Ed IT and Procurement Executives is that vendors do not under the unique price constraints under which they operate. Ironically, few of these buyers – and advisory firm clients – use third-party experts to ensure that they get the best possible price. Why is that?

Virtually all significant purchases you make as a consumer are based on the recommendation of experts (e.g.; car, home, TV, etc.) and the ability to view pricing from multiple vendors. Why would you settle for less in Higher Education? Why not use a pricing expert that can help you make an informed decision to ensure that your organization does not overpay for acquiring technology?

SMF helps Higher Education clients to take that same analytical process and apply it to negotiating and buying a product or service. We track a broad spectrum of transactions, price points, capacity and size of institution enabling you to be an informed buyer. In addition, we actually act a part of your team to negotiate the best price. Our payment comes out of your savings – no additional charge.

Given your unique buying pressures, don’t you want to leverage the best professional guidance available to ensure that your school does not overpay? If you do this as a consumer, and you apply similar 3rd party resources to find your best fit vendor, it only makes sense to complete the transaction with an organization that can give you actual Intelligence on the vendor you are about to transact with to give you leverage.