If the Cloud was so simple, everyone would be doing it…

Let’s be truthful.  We have all been indoctrinated with the belief that the Cloud is simple and cheap.  Spin-up an instance and pay a much cheaper annual subscription fee.  While it may be true that almost everyone is doing it in some form or fashion, the fact is, the technology and licensing considerations are more complex than one may initially believe.

As organizations pivot toward the Cloud, there is a requirement that legacy systems interface with newly deployed Cloud applications.  In recognition of this fact, the Hybrid Cloud model has been embraced aggressively as the best way to address this issue.

But is the Hybrid approach cost-effective?  Are companies saving money on reduced infrastructure and migrating away from the legacy environment?  Research indicates that most companies (60%) underestimate the cost complexity of migrating to the Cloud.

Yes, the Cloud seems simple and straight-forward when compared with purchasing on-premise perpetual licensed products.  And in some instances, that is simple and true.  However, buyer beware!  To ensure your technical success, seek the advice of a true Cloud Architect.  To ensure your financial licensing success, utilize the services of a Spend Management consultant.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.